Step 1

In Seller Central hover on “Settings” then click “User Permissions”.

Under “Add New Seller Central User” please add

Once approved please add the following permissions (click to enlarge each screenshot below):

Step 2

If AWS account already exists please add as a new user with permissions for S3 management for image hosting.

If AWS account does not exist, please follow this link to establish an account.

This link will then walk you through the steps to add our email as a user (Let us know if you need help with this!)

Step 3

Please email with the following information:

  • Links to all active listings that you would like us to manage for you in each marketplace.

  • Flat files, if available, for all active listings.

  • A completed Product Data Spreadsheet for all new listings that Elevate will be managing (download spreadsheet template here).

  • Dropbox (or other file sharing service) link to all creative assets for the active listings that we're managing for you.

  • Links to all granted and pending patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  • If customer email follow-up automation is already in place, please provide login credentials (or add as a user on your account).

    If no automation currently exists, we recommend Please create an account and provide us with the login credentials.

  • A few sentences about what makes your products special, unique, and different from the competition?

  • The name of our single point-of-contact for all approvals/communication.

That's it for onboarding!

Have a question about onboarding? Email us at: