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Help you optimize and grow your brand on Amazon by connecting your product with the right customer. We call that a WIN-WIN.

Our team protects, manages, maximizes and measures your brand’s success on Amazon. Learn More…

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We had been selling on Amazon for over two years and thought we were doing a pretty good job, but then your team came in an optimized our listings and keywords and delivered on a strategy that made a huge difference. Over the next 6 weeks our sales took off like a rocket ship and we can’t thank you enough!
— Dave Wesch, Co-Founder of Doggy Do Good
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Your products.
Our passion.

We help sales-focused brands who want to build a thriving Amazon business that outperforms sales goals while becoming an industry leader and a household name.

We believe that by getting the right product into the hands of the right customer, everybody wins!


Your Brand and Product


Your Amazon Relationship


Your Amazon Sales and Profit


Your Brand’s Results

We immediately noticed the quality and work ethic of your team and the way they handled the intricacies of our business while leading us from vendor to seller on Amazon.

Within the first few months we really began to appreciate your team’s level of expertise. They executed during our biggest selling season and hit every goal. Everything happened exactly the way you said it would.

That gave us the confidence to know that we don’t have to worry, that you’ll take care of it. You’re sort of like our own internal company expert, but with the outside perspective that we need.
— Justin Kalvitz, Senior Vice President Global Commercial Business at Kent Displays

The Amazon Effect.

In the world of ecommerce, Amazon is a tool that online sellers simply cannot afford to ignore. Amazon’s share of the US ecommerce market recently hit 49%.

In the 25 years since its creation, Amazon has grown to become the top ecommerce platform in the U.S. Each month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit



Shoppers on Amazon

Amazon has over over 310 million shoppers on spending over $75 billion per year. 100 million of those shoppers are Amazon Prime subscribers.


Price Check On Amazon

Amazon is dominating online product search. After finding a product on another retailer’s website, 90% of consumers check Amazon for the same product.


Out of Every $10

For every $10 spent online, 4 of those dollars are spent on Amazon. 55% start on Amazon when shopping for products online instead of using Google to search for a product.


USA Today

Amazon is becoming the e-commerce portal for gajillions of small businesses around the United States.

Michael Levin, Partner and Co-founder at Consumer Intelligence Research

You have been instrumental in building our brand on Amazon. We realized quickly Amazon was confusing to navigate and we couldn’t have done it without your expertise in setting our product up for success.
— Alex Bayer, CEO/Founder of Genius Coconut Smoothies

Art and Science

We believe it takes a holistic approach to launch, build and grow a brand on Amazon, so we built a team of artists, strategists, writers, data geeks, entrepreneurs, brand managers and Amazon experts to work collaboratively with you.



Ideal positioning within the marketplace

Creative storytelling

Copywriting that converts sales

Compelling imagery that tells a brand story

Expanding niches

Creating multiple customer touch points



Exhaustive keyword research

Studying competitive reviews

Leveraging Amazon’s top rank algorithm

Optimizing high volume search terms

Analyzing Sponsored Product Ad data

Performing listing A/B split tests

We are super thankful for Elevate. The team you have assembled gives us a lot of confidence knowing our account is watched vigilantly, reported on continuously and overall in really good hands. You have everything we look for in a partner ... you’re Hungry, Humble and Smart.
— Asaiah Passwater, CEO of Clearly Filtered

Wild Success

Founded by successful entrepreneurs responsible for 7 and 8-figure ecommerce brands, we know how to help you achieve wild success on Amazon.

Our team includes Amazon ecosystem experts, brand managers, ad strategists, graphic designers, writers, customer service personnel, data entry teams, and — most importantly — fellow entrepreneurs that are invested in your company’s success.